Gelesen/gehört 2021


  1. Seanan McGuire: One Salt Sea (October Daye 5)
  2. Seanan McGuire: Ashes of Honor (October Daye 6)
  3. Seanan McGuire: Chimes at Midnight (October Daye 7)
  4. Phil Hickes: The Haunting of Aveline Jones
  5. Lucy Strange: The Ghost of Gosswater
  6. Ursula Vernon: The House of Diamond (Black Dogs 1)
  7. Tansy Rayner Roberts: The Frost Fair Affair (Teacup Magic 2)
  8. Olivia Atwater: Half a Soul (Regency Faerie Tale 1)
  9. Robert Asprin: Ein Dämon zuviel (Myth Adventures 1)
  10. Ursula Vernon: The Mountain of Iron (Black Dogs 2)
  11. Lily Anderson: Undead Girl Gang
  12. Tansy Rayner Roberts: Curse of Bronze (The Gargoyle Mysteries 1)
  13. T. Kingfisher: Swordheart
  14. Talia Hibbert: Get a Life, Chloe Brown! (The Brown Sisters 1)
  15. Talia Hibbert: Take a Hint, Dani Brown! (The Brown Sisters 2)
  16. Olivette Otele: African Europeans – An Untold History
  17. Robin Stevens: Death in the Spotlight (Murder Most Unladylike 7)
  18. Kwame Mbalia: Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky (Tristan Strong 1)
  19. Jenni Spangler: The Vanishing Trick
  20. Stephanie Burgis: The Princess Who Flew with Dragons
  21. Seanan McGuire: The Winter Long (October Daye 8)
  22. Seanan McGuire: A Red-Rose Chain (October Daye 9)
  23. Olivia Atwater: Ten Thousands Stitches (Regency Faerie Tale 2)
  24. Seanan McGuire: Once Broken Faith (October Daye 10)
  25. Harper Lin: Love and Murder in Savannah (The Southern Sleuth 1)
  26. Natasha Farrant: Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror
  27. Rachel Caine: Working Stiff (Revivalist 1)
  28. Katherine Woodfine: The Jewelled Moth (The Sinclair’s Mysteries 2)
  29. Deborah Blake: Furbidden Fatality (A Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery 1)
  30. Tanya Huff: Valor’s Choice (Confederation Novel 1)
  31. T. Kingfisher: The Hollow Places
  32. Kathrin Passig (Hrsg.): Das kleine Sabotage-Handbuch von 1944 – Die besten Tricks des amerikanischen Geheimdienstes im Kampf gegen Hitler
  33. Agatha Christie: Sleeping Murder
  34. Julia Lee: The Mysterious Misadventure of Clemency Wrigglesworth
  35. Dominique Valente: Starfell – Willow Moss and the Lost Day
  36. J. M. Griffin: Tangled to Death
  37. Seanan McGuire: Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children)
  38. Diane Weiner: Murder is Elementary (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery 1)
  39. Seanan McGuire: Calculated Risks (InCryptid 10)
  40. Talia Hibbert: Act Your Age, Eve Brown (The Brown Sisters 3)
  41. James Nicol: The Apprentice Witch
  42. James Nicol: The Apprentice Witch 2 – A Witch Alone
  43. James Nicol: The Apprentice Witch 3 – A Witch Come True
  44. Diana Wynne Jones: Charmed Life
  45. Dominique Valente: Starfell 2 – Willow Moss and the Forgotten Tale
  46. Once Upon A Curse (Anthologie)
  47. Seanan McGuire: The Brightest Fell (October Daye 11)
  48. Sharna Jackson: High-Rise Mystery
  49. Aisha Bushby: Moonchild – Voyage of the Lost and Found
  50. Seanan McGuire: Night and Silence (October Daye 12)
  51. Barbara Sleigh: Carbonel
  52. Jo Spurrier: A Curse of Ash and Ember (Tales of Blackbone Witches 1)
  53. Robin McKinley: Das Blaue Schwert
  54. Robin McKinley: Die Helden-Krone
  55. Robin Stevens: Top Marks for Murder (Murder Most Unladylike 8)


  1. Tansy Rayner Roberts: Tea and Sympathetic Magic (Teacup Magic 1)
  2. Marissa Lingen: The Billionaire Shapeshifters‘ Ex-Wives Club
  3. Alyssa Cole: Of Fer and Fer, Part I
  4. Vanessa Fogg: Fanfiction for a Grimdark Universe


  1. Sam Davies: Hex Vet – Witches in Training (Comic)
  2. Hope Larson/Brittney Williams, Noah Hayes: Goldie Vance 3 (Comic)
  3. Wendy Xu/Suzanne Walker: Mooncakes (Comic)
  4. Molly Knox Ostertag: The Witch Boy 3 – The Midwinter Witch (Comic)
  5. Kate Leth/Megan Levens/Marissa Louise: Spell on Wheels 2 – Just to get to you (Comic)
  6. Marieke Nijkamp/Manuel Preitano: The Oracle Code (Comic)
  7. Adachitoka: Noragami 1 (Manga)
  8. Adachitoka: Noragami 2 (Manga)
  9. Adachitoka: Noragami 3 (Manga)


  1. Agatha Christie: Die Kleptomanin (Hörbuch)
  2. Agatha Christie: Eine karibische Affäre (Hörbuch)
  3. Agatha Christie: Das unvollendete Bildnis (Hörbuch)
  4. Alethea Kontis: Woodcutter Sisters 1 – Enchanted (Hörbuch)
  5. Alethea Kontis: Woodcutter Sisters 2 – Hero (Hörbuch)
  6. Alethea Kontis: Woodcutter Sisters 3 – Dearest (Hörbuch)
  7. Francis Durbridge: Paul Temple und der Fall Vandyke (Hörspiel)