Gelesen/gehört 2022


  1. B. B. Alston: Amari and the Night Brothers (Supernatural Investigations 1)
  2. Abi Elphinstone (Hrsg.): Winter Magic (Anthologie)
  3. Lana Harper: Payback’s a Witch (The Witches of Thistle Grove 1)
  4. Gwenda Bond & Christopher Rowe: The Supernormal Sleuthing Service 2 – The Sphinx’s Secret
  5. Devon Monk: Sealed With a Tryst (Ordinary Magic 7)
  6. Zoe Chant: Hold My Bear (Virtue Shifters 5)
  7. Devon Monk: Nobody’s Ghoul (Ordinary Magic 8)
  8. Zetta Elliot: Dragons in a Bag


  1. Leah Cypess: The Night Dance
  2. Fran Wilde: Unseelie Brothers, Ltd.