Gelesen/gehört 2023


  1. Lindsay Buroker: Storm Forged (Death Before Dragons 6)
  2. Murphy Lawless: Gladiator Bear (Gladiator Shifters Book 1)
  3. Toshikazu Kawaguchi: Before the Coffee gets cold
  4. Katherine Addison: The Angel of the Crows
  5. Serena Patel & Robin Stevens: The Very Merry Murder Club (Anthologie)
  6. Julie Abe: Eva Evergreen and the Cursed Witch
  7. Karan K. Anders: Four Kings (A Very Secret Garden 2)
  8. Jenn Reese: A Game of Fox & Squirrels
  9. Andi R. Christopher: Tides of Magic (Charley Deacon 1)
  10. Lindsay Buroker: Secrets of the Sword 1 (Death Before Dragons 7)
  11. Ronen Steinke: Der Muslim und die Jüdin – Die Geschichte einer Rettung in Berlin
  12. Rosie Reed: Murder At Magic Cakes Cafe (English Village Witch 1)
  13. Lindsay Buroker: Secrets of the Sword 2 (Death Before Dragons 8)
  14. Effie Calvin: Gods of Inthya (Tales of Inthya)
  15. Amorette Anderson: Post-op and Potions (Midlife Medicine 1)
  16. Anne Ursu: The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy
  17. Robin McKinley: Sunshine
  18. Seanan McGuire: Lost in the Moment and Found (Wayward Children)
  19. Andy Sagar: Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in the Teacup
  20. Lily Koppel: The Astronaut Wives Club
  21. Catie Murphy: Death in Irish Accents (Dublin Driver 4)
  22. Kathryn Moon: A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor (Tempting Monsters 1)
  23. Rebecca Thorne: A Pirate’s Life for Tea (Tomes & Tea Cozy Fantasy 2)
  24. Karen Healey: Bespoke and Bespelled (Wellywood Magic 1)
  25. Kate Clayborn: Georgie, All Along
  26. Pirate Aba: The Wandering Inn 1
  27. Tamzin Merchant: The Mapmakers (The Hatmakers 2)
  28. Gail MacColl/Carol McD. Wallace: To Marry an English Lord – Tales of Wealth and Marriage, Sex and Snobbery in the Gilded Age
  29. Sandra Wickham: Death Coach
  30. Delemhach: The House Witch
  31. Delemhach: The House Witch 2
  32. Delemhach: The House Witch 3
  33. Andy Sagar: Yesterday Crumb and the Teapot of Chaos (Yesterday Crumb 2)
  34. Deborah Blake: Veiled Magic (Veiled Magic 1)
  35. Ronald Schweppe und Aljoscha Long: Affen im Kopf – Mentale Gelassenheitsstrategien für einen ruhigen Geist
  36. Deborah Blake: Veiled Menace (Veiled Magic 2)
  37. Kristin Hannah: Die vier Winde
  38. Deborah Blake: Veiled Enchantments (Veiled Magic 3)
  39. Tansy Rayner Roberts: Gate Sinister (Sparks and Philtres 1)
  40. L. D. Lapinski: Jamie
  41. Amorette Anderson: Surgery and Spells (Midlife Medicine 2)
  42. H.G. Parry: The Magician’s Daughter
  43. Lana Harper: Back in a Spell (The Witches of Thistle Grove 3)
  44. Rachel Aaron: Nice Dragons Finish Last (Heartstrikers 1)
  45. Rachel Aaron: One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers 2)
  46. Ada Bell: Mystic Pieces (Shady Grove Psychic Mystery 1)
  47. Zoe Chant: Somebunny to Love (Virtue Shifter 7)
  48. Hanna Sandvig: The Wolf Gate (Faerie Tale Romances)
  49. Hanna Sandvig: The Rose Gate (Faerie Tale Romances)
  50. Hanna Sandvig: The Glass Gate (Faerie Tale Romances)
  51. Delilah S. Dawson: The Violence
  52. Sarah Addison Allan: Garden Spells (Waverly Sisters 1)


  1. Seanan McGuire: How Much Harm?
  2. Kameron Hurley: The Grief Fox
  3. Annie Bellet: Jade Meets Bigfoot (A Twenty-Sided Sorceress Short Story)
  4. Kimberly Lemming: A Bump in Boohail (Mead Mishaps)
  5. Travis Baldree: Pages To Fill (A Legends & Lattes Short Story)
  6. Kameron Hurley: Before We Fled
  7. E. Lily Yu: The River and the World Remade
  8. John Wiswell: D.I.Y.
  9. Tansy Rayner Roberts: Eating Dormice
  10. Hanna Sandvig: The Lily Gate (Faerie Tale Romances)
  11. Hanna Sandvig: A Christmas Engagement (Faerie Tale Romances)
  12. Hanna Sandvig: The Faerie Tale Wedding (Faerie Tale Romances)
  13. Seanan McGuire: Face Your Furs
  14. Seanan McGuire: Slipping
  15. Kameron Hurley: The Celebrity’s Hungry Children
  16. Elsie Winters: Green-Eyed Monster (The Boundlands)


  1. Gengoroh Tagame: Der Mann meines Bruders 1 – Die Invasion des Fremden (Manga)
  2. Gengoroh Tagame: Der Mann meines Bruders 2 – Ein gedeckter Tisch (Manga)
  3. Faith Erin Hicks: One Year at Ellsmere (Comic)
  4. Gengoroh Tagame: Der Mann meines Bruders 3 – Kopfzerbrechen (Manga)
  5. Gengoroh Tagame: Der Mann meines Bruders 4 – Abschied (Manga)
  6. Clamp: Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card Arc 12 (Manga)
  7. Gosho Aoyama: Detektiv Conan 101 (Manga)
  8. Shanon Hale/Dean Hale/Victoria Ying: Diana and Nubia – Princesses of the Amazons (Comic)
  9. Faith Erin Hicks: The Nameless City 2 – The Stone Heart (Comic)
  10. Faith Erin Hicks: The Nameless City 3 – The Divided Earth (Comic)
  11. Peter Menning/Ingo Römling: Malcolm Max 1 – Body Snatchers (Comic)
  12. Peter Menning/Ingo Römling: Malcolm Max 2 – Auferstehung (Comic)
  13. Peter Menning/Ingo Römling: Malcolm Max 3 – Nightfall (Comic)
  14. Peter Menning/Ingo Römling: Malcolm Max 4 – Blutrausch (Comic)
  15. Peter Menning/Ingo Römling: Malcolm Max 5 – Die Schwesternschaft der Nacht (Comic)
  16. Peter Menning/Ingo Römling/Simone Grünewald/Regina Haselhorst/Roberta Ingranata: Malcolm Max – Die Fälle von Emmeline und Miranda Finch (Comic)
  17. Gosho Aoyama: Detektiv Conan 102 (Manga)


  1. T. Kingfisher: Saint of Steel 1 – Paladin’s Grace (Hörbuch)
  2. T. Kingfisher: Saint of Steel 2 – Paladin’s Strength (Hörbuch)
  3. T. Kingfisher: Saint of Steel 3 – Paladin’s Hope (Hörbuch)
  4. T. Kingfisher: Swordheart (Hörbuch)
  5. Cherie Priest: Booking Agents 2 – Flight Risk (Hörbuch)
  6. Karuna Riazi: A Bit of Earth (Hörbuch)
  7. Francis Durbridge: Das Halstuch (Hörspiel)
  8. Mira Grant: In the Shadow of Spindrift House (Hörbuch)