Gelesen/gehört 2020


  1. Georgette Heyer: Liebe unverzollt
  2. Tupoka Ogette: exit RACISM – rassismuskritisch denken lernen
  3. Agatha Christie: Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?
  4. Agatha Christie: The Body in the Library
  5. Jordan Stratford: The Woolstonecraft Detective Agency 2 – The Case of the Girl in Grey
  6. Matthias Heine: Verbrannte Wörter – Wo wir noch reden wie die Nazis und wo nicht
  7. Amy Wilson: Shadows of Winterspell
  8. Kelly Moran: Residual Burn (Redwood Ridge 4)
  9. Seanan McGuire: Every Heart A Doorway (Wayward Children 1)
  10. Seanan McGuire: Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children 2)
  11. Seanan McGuire: Come Tumbling Down (Wayward Children 5)
  12. Ilona Andrews: Sweep in Peace (Inkeeper Chronicles 2)
  13. Ilona Andrews: One Fell Sweep (Inkeeper Chronicles 3)
  14. Ilona Andrews: Sweep of the Blade (Inkeeper Chronicles 4)
  15. Ilona Andrews: Sweep with Me (Inkeeper Chronicles 5)
  16. Christopher Golden/Rachel Autumn Deering (Hrsg.): Hex Life – Wicked New Tales of Witchery (Anthologie)
  17. Tove Jansson: Winter im Mumintal
  18. Stephanie Burgis: Thornbound (Harwood Spellbook 2)
  19. Charlotte MacLeod: Die Familiengruft (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 1)
  20. Charlotte MacLeod: Der Rauchsalon (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 2)
  21. Charlotte MacLeod: Madam Wilkin’s Palazzo (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 3)
  22. Charlotte MacLeod: Der Spiegel aus Bilbao (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 4)
  23. Charlotte MacLeod: Kabeljau und Kaviar (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 5)
  24. Jessica Townsend: Wundersmith – The Calling of Morrigan Crow
  25. Erika Fatland: Sowjetistan – Eine Reise durch Turkmenistan, Kasachstan, Tadschikistan, Kirgisistan und Usbekistan
  26. Charlotte MacLeod: Ein schlichter alter Mann (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 6)
  27. Hallie Rubenhold: The Five – The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper
  28. Deborah Crombie: Der Rache kaltes Schwert (Kincaid und James 8)
  29. Charlotte MacLeod: Teeblätter und Taschendiebe (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 7)
  30. Karen Rose: Dornenherz
  31. Charlotte MacLeod: Rolls Royce und Bienenstiche (Sarah Kelling und Max Bittersohn 8)
  32. Sarah Beth Durst: Fire and Heist
  33. Diana Wynne Jones: Black Maria
  34. Patricia Briggs: Storm Cursed (Mercy Thompson 11)
  35. Mira Grant: Feedback (Newsflash 4)
  36. Deborah Crombie: Nur wenn du mir vertraust (Kincaid und James 9)
  37. Agatha Christie: The Moving Finger
  38. Sarah Jean Horwitz: The Dark Lord Clementine
  39. Katherine Addison: The Goblin Emperor
  40. Kat Richardson: Greywalker
  41. Agatha Christie: A Murder Is Announced
  42. Juliet Blackwell: Bewitched and Betrothed (Witchcraft Mystery 10)
  43. Seanan McGuire: Magic for Nothing (InCryptid 6)
  44. Seanan McGuire: Tricks for Free (InCryptid 7)
  45. Diana Wynne Jones: Wilkins‘ Tooth
  46. Murphy Lawless: Bearly Dressed (Shifting Time 1)
  47. Kelley Armstrong: A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying
  48. Diana Wynne Jones: Archer’s Goon
  49. Amy Wilson: A Girl Called Owl
  50. Katherine Rundell: The Book of Hopes (Anthologie)
  51. Nora Roberts: The Winning Hand
  52. Nora Roberts: The Perfect Neighbor
  53. Seanan McGuire: This Ain’t Witchcraft (InCryptid 8)
  54. Deborah Crombie: Denn nie bist du allein (Kincaid und James 10)
  55. Seanan McGuire: Imaginary Numbers (InCryptid 9)
  56. Murphy Lawless: Phantom Tiger (Shifting Time 2)
  57. Diana Wynne Jones: The Dark Lord of Derkholm
  58. Diana Wynne Jones: Year of the Griffin
  59. Julia Quinn: First Comes Scandal
  60. Darcie Wilde: A Purely Private Matter (Rosalind Thorne Mystery 2)
  61. Tanya Huff: Summon the Keeper (Keeper Chronicles 1)
  62. Michelle M. Pillow: (Un)Lucky Valley 1 – Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes
  63. Jana DeLeon: Dead Man Talking (Happily Everlasting 1)
  64. Dorothy Gilman: The Clairvoyant Countess (Madame Karitska 1)
  65. Gabrielle Kent: Alfie Bloom and the Secrets of Hexbridge Castle (Alfie Bloom 1)
  66. Dorothy Gilman: Kaleidoscope (Madame Karitska 2)
  67. T. Kingfisher: Swordheart
  68. Krista D. Ball: A Magical Inheritance (Ladies Occult Society 1)
  69. Kat Richardson: Poltergeist (Greywalker 2)
  70. Tracey Baptiste: The Jumbies
  71. Tracy Baptiste: Rise of the Jumbies (The Jumbies 2)
  72. Krista D. Ball: A Ghostly Request (Ladies Occult Society 2)
  73. Rick Riordan: Magnus Chase 1 – Das Schwert des Sommers
  74. Ruby Raine: Wicked Good Witches (Supernatural Protectors – A Legacy of Magic Books 1-3)
  75. Kat Richardson: Underground (Greywalker 3)
  76. Y. S. Lee: A Spy in the House (The Agency 1)
  77. Zoe Chant: Timber Wolf (Virtue Shifters 1)
  78. RaShelle Workman: Undercover Reaper (Eerie Valley Supernaturals 1)
  79. Tracy Baptiste: The Jumbie God’s Revenge (Jumbies 3)
  80. Kat Richardson: Vanished (Greywalker 4)
  81. T. Kingfisher: A Wizard’s Guide To Defensive Baking
  82. Michelle Harrison: A Pinch of Magic
  83. Jim C. Hines: Tamora Carter – Goblin Queen
  84. Gabrielle Kent: The Talisman Thief (Alfie Bloom 2)
  85. Ilona Andrews: Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy 1)
  86. Ilona Andrews: White Hot (Hidden Legacy 2)
  87. Ilona Andrews: Wildfire (Hidden Legacy 3)
  88. Ilona Andrews: Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy 3.5)
  89. Ilona Andrews: Sapphire Flames (Hidden Legacy 4)
  90. Ilona Andrews. Emerald Blaze (Hidden Legacy 5)
  91. Melinda Salisbury: Hold Back the Tide
  92. Courtney Milan: The Governess Affair (The Brothers Sinister 0.5)
  93. Courtney Milan: The Duchess War (The Brothers Sinister 1)
  94. Courtney Milan: A Kiss for Midwinter (The Brothes Sinister 1.5)
  95. Courtney Milan: The Heiress Effect (The Brothers Sinister 2)
  96. Agatha Christie: They Do It with Mirrors
  97. Courtney Milan: The Countess Conspiracy (The Brothers Sinister Book 3)
  98. Sophie Anderson: The Girl Who Speaks Bear
  99. Tuula Karjalainen: Tove Jansson – Work and Love
  100. Courtney Milan: The Suffragette Scandal (The Brothers Sinister 4)
  101. Michelle Harrison: A Sprinkle of Socery
  102. Jonna Gjevre: Arcanos Unraveled
  103. Edward Willett (Hrsg.): Shapers of Worlds (Antologie)
  104. Katie Murphy: Dead in Dublin (Dublin Driver Mystery 1)
  105. Catie Murphy: Dead on the Green (Dublin Driver Mystery 2)
  106. Celine Kiernan: Begone the Raggedy Witches (The Wild Magic Trilogy 1)
  107. Leah Johnson: You Should See Me in a Crown
  108. Rachel Caine: Ink and Bone (The Great Library 1)
  109. Seanan McGuire: Rosemary and Rue (October Daye 1)
  110. Karen Abbott: The Ghosts of Eden Park – The Bootleg King, The Women Who Pursued Him, and the Murder That Shocked Jazz-Age America
  111. Kalynn Bayron: Cinderella Is Dead
  112. Magid Magid: Art of Disruption – A Manifesto of Real Change
  113. Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Mexican Gothic
  114. Seanan McGuire: A Local Habitation (October Daye 2)
  115. Annabelle Sami: Agent Zaiba Investigates 1 – The Missing Diamonds
  116. Seanan McGuire: An Artificial Night (October Daye 3)
  117. Shanna Swendson: Interview with a Dead Editor (Lucky Lexie Mysteries 1)
  118. Hanna Alkaf: The Girl and the Ghost
  119. Kristen Painter: The Vampir’s Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls 1)
  120. Dean Atta: The Black Flamingo
  121. Tom Reis: The Black Count – Napoleon’s Rival, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo (General Alexandre Dumas)
  122. Amy Wilson: Owl and the Lost Boy
  123. Kristen Painter: The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls 2)
  124. Damaris Young: The Creature Keeper
  125. Kristen Painter: The Gargoyle Gets His Girl (Nocturne Falls 3)
  126. Kristen Painter: The Professor Woos the Witch (Nocturne Falls 4)
  127. Kristen Painter: The Vampire’s Fake Finacée (Nocturne Falls 5)
  128. Kristen Painter: Nocturne Falls Short Story Collection (Anthologie)
  129. Kristen Painter: The Shifter Romances the Writer (Nocturne Falls 6)
  130. Kristen Painter: The Dragon Finds Forever (Nocturne Falls 7)
  131. Kristen Painter: The Vampire’s Accidental Wife (Nocturne Falls 8)
  132. Kwana Jackson: Real Men Knit
  133. Robin Stevens: A Spoonful of Murder (A Murder Unladylike Mystery 6)
  134. Eleanor Herman: The Royal Art of Poison – Fatal Cosmetics, Deadly Medicines, and Murder Most Foul
  135. Amy Wilson: Snowglobe
  136. Diana Biller: The Widow of Rose House
  137. C.E. Polk: Witchmark (Kingston Cycle 1)
  138. Seanan McGuire: Late Eclipses (October Daye 4)
  139. Agatha Christie: A Pocket Full of Rye


  1. Stephanie Burgis: By the Light of the Dark
  2. Emily Larkin: Selina’s Wish
  3. Emily Larkin: Maximus’s Wish
  4. Emily Larkin: Maximus and Sons
  5. Stephanie Burgis: Moontangled (Harwood Spellbook 3)
  6. C. L. Polk: St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid
  7. Naomi Kritzer: Free Little Library
  8. Murphy Lawless: Raven Heart (Alaskan Totem Shifters 1)
  9. Kameron Hurley: Not Today, Apocalypse!
  10. Kameron Hurley: The Women of Bohmani
  11. Emily Larkin: Maximus and Grandsons
  12. Isabel Sterling: This Spell Can’t Last (These Witches Don’t Burn 0.5)
  13. Krista D. Ball: Spirits Rising (Spirit Caller Series Book 1)
  14. Tamsyn Muir: The Mysterious Study of Doctor Sex
  15. Seanan McGuire: Juice Like Wounds
  16. Alix E. Harrow: The Ransom of Miss Coraline Connelly
  17. Ian Rogers: Go Fish
  18. Maureen McHugh: Yellow and the Perception of Reality
  19. Kameron Hurley: Moontide
  20. Kameron Hurley: The Wood of Wailing Children
  21. Stephanie Burgis: Good Neighbors
  22. Courtney Milan: Talk Sweetly (The Brothers Sinister 4.5)
  23. Seanan McGuire: The Fixed Stars (October Daye Story)
  24. Seanan McGuire: Sun Sets Weeping (October Daye Story)
  25. Kameron Hurley: Sky Boys
  26. Seanan McGuire: Rat-Catcher (October Daye Story)
  27. Seanan McGuire: Forbid the Sea (October Daye Story)
  28. Seanan McGuire: Stage of Fools (October Daye Story)
  29. Seanan McGuire: The Voice of Lions (October Daye Story)
  30. Seanan McGuire: The Act of Hares (October Daye Story)
  31. Seanan McGuire: Instruments of Darkness (October Daye Story)
  32. Seanan McGuire: With Honest Trifles (October Daye Story)
  33. Seanan McGuire: In Deepest Consequence (October Daye Story)
  34. Seanan McGuire: Jealous in Honor (October Daye Story)
  35. Seanan McGuire: Quick in Quarrel (October Daye Story)
  36. Seanan McGuire: Of Strange Oaths (October Daye Story)
  37. Seanan McGuire: Dreams and Sights (October Daye Story)
  38. Seanan McGuire: Wishes and Tears (October Daye Story)
  39. Seanan McGuire: Poor Fancy’s Followers (October Daye Story)
  40. Seanan McGuire: In Little Stars (October Daye Story)
  41. Seanan McGuire: Heaps of Pearl (October Daye Story)
  42. Seanan McGuire: Shore to Shore (October Daye Story)
  43. Seanan McGuire: Write in Water (October Daye Story)
  44. Seanan McGuire: Live in Brass (October Daye Story)
  45. Seanan McGuire: The Ambitious Ocean (October Daye Story)
  46. Seanan McGuire: And Thrice Again (October Daye Story)
  47. Seanan McGuire: These Antiques Fables (October Daye Story)
  48. Seanan McGuire: In Sea-Salt Tears (October Daye Story)
  49. Seanan McGuire: Toby and The Shoes (October Daye Story)
  50. Stephanie Burgis: Frostgilded (Harwood Spellbook Epilogue)
  51. Seanan McGuire: Through This House (October Daye Story)


  1. Ngozi Ukazu: Check Please! 1 – #Hockey (Comic)
  2. Jessica Abel: Trish Trash – Rollergirl of Mars (Comic)
  3. Shannon Hale/Dean Hale/Victoria Ying: Diana – Princess of the Amazons (Comic)
  4. Marika McCoola/Emily Carroll: Baba Yaga’s Assistant (Comic)
  5. Molly Knox Ostertag: The Witch Boy 2 – The Hidden Witch (Comic)
  6. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 1 (Comic)
  7. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 2 (Comic)
  8. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 3 (Comic)
  9. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 4 (Comic)
  10. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 5 (Comic)
  11. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 6 (Comic)
  12. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 7 (Comic)
  13. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 8 (Comic)
  14. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 9 (Comic)
  15. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 10 (Comic)
  16. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 11 (Comic)
  17. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 12 (Comic)
  18. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 13 (Comic)
  19. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 14 (Comic)
  20. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 15 (Comic)
  21. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 16 (Comic)
  22. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 17 (Comic)
  23. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 18 (Comic)
  24. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 19 (Comic)
  25. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 20 (Comic)
  26. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 21 (Comic)
  27. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 22 (Comic)
  28. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 23 (Comic)
  29. Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips: Fatale 24 (Comic)
  30. Clamp: Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card Arc 7 (Manga)
  31. Gosho Aoyama: Detektiv Conan 97 (Manga)
  32. Sylvia Douyé/Paola Antista: Sorceline 1 – Kryptozoologie für Anfänger (Comic)
  33. Sylvia Douyé/Paola Antista: Sorceline 2 – Die Insel der fantastischen Tiere (Comic)
  34. Yuyuko Takemiya/Zekkyou: Toradora! 9 (Manga)
  35. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 1 (Manga)
  36. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 2 (Manga)
  37. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 3 (Manga)
  38. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 4 (Manga)
  39. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 5 (Manga)
  40. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 6 (Manga)
  41. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 7 (Manga)
  42. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 8 (Manga)
  43. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 9 (Manga)
  44. Yashichiro Takahashi/Ayato Sasakura/Noizi Ito: Shakugan no Shana 10 (Manga)
  45. Gosho Aoyama: Detektiv Conan 98 (Manga)
  46. James O’Barr: The Crow – Ultimate Edition (Comic)
  47. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 1 (Manga)
  48. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 2 (Manga)
  49. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 3 (Manga)
  50. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 4 (Manga)
  51. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 5 (Manga)
  52. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 6 (Manga)
  53. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 7 (Manga)
  54. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 8 (Manga)
  55. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 9 (Manga)
  56. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 10 (Manga)
  57. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 11 (Manga)
  58. Stan Lee/Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo 12 (Manga)
  59. Ngozi Ukazu: Check, Please! 2 – Sticks and Scones (Comic)
  60. Clamp: Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card Arc 8 (Manga)
  61. Mika Kajiyama: Deiner ist meiner ist deiner 1 (Manga)
  62. Mika Kajiyama: Deiner ist meiner ist deiner 2 (Manga)
  63. Mika Kajiyama: Deiner ist meiner ist deiner 3 (Manga)
  64. Joss Whedon/ Bryan Edward Hill/Gleb Melnikov/Gabriel Cassata/Roman Titov: Angel 1 – Being Human (Comic)
  65. Sophie Escabasse: Witches of Brooklyn (Comic)
  66. Katie O’Neill: The Tea Dragon Society (Comic)
  67. Ichirou Sakaki/Shinta Sakayama: Die Sargprinzessin 1 (Manga)
  68. Ichirou Sakaki/Shinta Sakayama: Die Sargprinzessin 2 (Manga)
  69. Ichirou Sakaki/Shinta Sakayama: Die Sargprinzessin 3 (Manga)
  70. Ichirou Sakaki/Shinta Sakayama: Die Sargprinzessin 4 (Manga)
  71. Ichirou Sakaki/Shinta Sakayama: Die Sargprinzessin 5 (Manga)


  1. Mira Grant: Rolling in the Deep (Hörbuch)
  2. Philip Levene: Auftrag für Quentin Barnaby – Heiße Wunsch (Hörspiel)
  3. Philip Levene: Auftrag für Quentin Barnaby – Feuriges Temperament (Hörspiel)
  4. Philip Levene: Auftrag für Quentin Barnaby – Feuer auf der M1 (Hörspiel)
  5. Philip Levene: Auftrag für Quentin Barnaby – Glühendes Interesse (Hörspiel)
  6. Philip Levene: Auftrag für Quentin Barnaby – Brennende Liebe (Hörspiel)
  7. Francis Durbridge: Paul Temple und der Fall Conrad (Hörspiel)
  8. Dorothy Gilman: Mrs. Pollifax 1 – The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax (Hörbuch)
  9. Mira Grant: Kingdom of Needle and Bone (Hörbuch)
  10. H.P. Lovecraft: Gruselkabinett 150 – Herbert West, der Wieder-Erwecker (Hörspiel)
  11. Jan Tenner, der neue Superheld 1 – Ein neuer Anfang (Hörspiel)
  12. Patricia C. Wrede/Caroline Stevermer: Sorcery and Cecelia – Or, The Enchanted Chocolate Pot (Hörbuch)